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Concrete Mixer Pump

Concrete Mixer Pump


Production Capacity:

Simple Operation
Twin-shaft Mixer
Stable Performance
Improving Concrete Mixing Quality

This series of equipment integrates concrete mixing and conveying. It is convenient and flexible to move.


This series of equipment integrates concrete mixing and conveying. It is convenient and flexible to move. It can transport large aggregate concrete and can transport fine stone concrete or mortar. It is especially suitable for occasions with small amount of engineering and frequent transitions. In remote areas with insufficient power, this series of products can be used with generator sets or directly using diesel power.

●The pump adopts mature technology and technology, and its performance is stable and reliable. 

●Electrical box adopts special double-layer design, good sealing performance, dustproof and waterproof.

●Electrical system adopts PLC control of well-known brands, with high integration and easy operation.

●The wearer wears wear-resistant alloy material, the material is solid and the service life is long.

●Using double-row tires, large load capacity and good stability, especially suitable for walking on rough roads.


Technical Parameters

Item JBT40 DJBT40
Theoretical output (m3/h) 40 40
Max. concrete pumping pressure (MPa) 10 10
Power type Motor Diesel
Electric motor (kw) 45 82
Main oil pump Kawasaki Kawasaki
Main oil pump capacity (ml/min) 112 112
Theoretical delivery distance (m) 160/500 160/500
Hopper capacity (L) 550 550
Max. aggregate diameter (mm) 30/40 30/40
Inside diameter of delivery pipe (mm) 150 150
Loading capacity of the mixer (L) 720 720
Unloading capacity of the mixer (L) 450 450
Dimension: length x width x height 4800x2200x2800 6000x2200x2800
Total weight (kg) 5500 6000

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    Q Diesel and electric concrete mixer pump which one is better?

    2020-03-09 11:41
    A In some remote areas where electric power are not widely used, diesel type is a better choice. Similarly, you have more than one choice, such as ABJZ30C and ABJZ40C.

    Q What are the advantages of ready mix concrete?

    2020-03-07 10:58
    A Due to more efficient mixing methods, cement and waste production are kept to a minimum. This is beneficial for the environment, as the production of ready mix concrete at a plant uses less resources and energy. It also reduces dust pollution, as bulk cement is used rather than bagged.


    2019-09-24 17:11
    A Hello,are you looking for concrete batching plant ? And what can i do for you ?

    Q What is the feeding method of aggregate in concrete mixing plant?

    2019-09-17 14:56
    A We have two kinds of aggregate conveying methods: bucket type and belt type.
Concrete Mixer Pump

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