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LB Batch Asphalt Mix Plant

LB Batch Asphalt Mix Plant


Production Capacity:60t/h-400t/h

Modular Structure
Wide Application
Easy of Operation

LB asphalt batching plant is a stationary asphalt mixing plant mainly consiting of cold aggregate supply system.



Asphalt Batch Mix Plant LB Serie is new and ideal construction equipment used for manufacturing asphalt that is mainly applied in highway road construction and other civil construction.

LB asphalt batching plant is a stationary asphalt mixing plant mainly consiting of cold aggregate supply system, drum dryer, burning system, hot aggregate elevator, vibrating screen, weighing system, mixing tower, dust collecting system, filler supply system, bitumen supply system, electronic control system, finished asphalt storage bin.

The asphalt plant adopts modular design, easy installation and maintenance, fast removal and transportation. It is mainly used for the construction of highways, highways, municipal roads, airports and ports.

Modular Structure


Containerized structure, suitable for contrainer load, lower shipment costs;Convenient for erection and installation; fit for international clients.

Aggregate Supplying System


Screening large more aggregates, belt conveying, Precise weighing and aggregate batching,batch mix, hot mix; 

Drying system


Brand burner, countercurrent drying,made of high strength steel,Internal insulation layer to reduces heating loss.

Screening system


Brand high-strength steel woven screen, long service life;pull-out layered and segmented configuration of the screen, easy to replace and repair; high efficiency.

Mixing system


Twin-shaft paddle mixer, fast and homogeneous mix performance; Mixer arms, paddles and liners made by wear-resistant alloy, sturdy and durable; Drive motors adopts central lubrication, easy for maintenance.

Intelligent Control


Highly automation with PLC control, quite easy for operation; Manual, semi-auto and auto control mode available; Remote technical support available.

Dust Filters


Primary cyclone dust filter, coarse dust are reclaimed; Secondary bag house dust filter, fine dust are collected and reclaimed; Dust emission is less than 20mg/Nm3, minimal dust emission.

Bitumen Supply System


The heat-conducting oil furnace has a complete automatic control system that can be operated independently; The tank can store different types of asphalt; The tank can be customized;

Customized Design Recycle Asphalt Plant


RAP (reclaimed asphalt pavement) processing unit can be added if required; Asphalt plant auxiliary equipment and machine available for client’s option; Upgrade and retrofit service available upon requirement.

Technical Parameters

Model Capacity(Standard Conditions) Mixer Capacity Dust Remove Effect Total Power Fuel Consumption



Fuel Oil Fuel Coal
LB700 60t/h 750 kg ≤20 mg/Nm³ 178kW 5.5-7 kg/t 10kg/t
Aggregate: ±0.5%
Filler: ±0.25%
Bitumen: ±0.25%
LB1000 80t/h 1000 kg ≤20 mg/Nm³ 285kW 5.5-7 kg/t 10kg/t
LB1200 100t/h 1200 kg ≤20 mg/Nm³ 316kW 5.5-7 kg/t 10kg/t
LB1500 120t/h 1500 kg ≤20 mg/Nm³ 380kW 5.5-7 kg/t 10kg/t
LB2000 160t/h 2000 kg ≤20 mg/Nm³ 470kW 5.5-7 kg/t 10kg/t
LB3000 240t/h 3000 kg ≤20 mg/Nm³ 700kW 5.5-7 kg/t 10kg/t
LB4000 320t/h 4000 kg ≤20 mg/Nm³ 870kW 5.5-7 kg/t 10kg/t
LB5000 400t/h 5000 kg ≤20 mg/Nm³ 960kW 5.5-7 kg/t 10kg/t

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    Q How to guarantee after-sale service?

    2022-10-13 15:55
    A First of all, the quality of our equipment is no problem. There are strict manufacturing standards before leaving the factory. At the same time, we have a dedicated after-sales department to answer installation problems for you. At the same time, we have a one-year warranty period and provide one year of free damage. Items, damage caused by non-human factors, we are free of charge.

    Q How to choose an asphalt plant with a suitable output?

    2022-09-27 17:31
    A You need to provide the length, width, thickness and construction period of the road. We have special personnel to help you recommend the appropriate asphalt station model.

    Q What is the production capacity about this asphalt mix plant?

    2022-09-26 16:08
    A There are 60 tons per hour to 400 tons per hour.

    Q Pls. Send your Bangladesh Distributor name & contract no.

    2022-09-11 19:45

    Q can you supply me with asphalt mixing plant 100t/h

    2022-08-30 22:21
    A yes, friend, we are the manufacturer for the asphalt mixing plant from China, and we can supply the capacity 60t/h-400t/h about the asphalt plant
LB Batch Asphalt Mix Plant

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