Economical and highly portable asphalt drum mixing plants

Continuous Drum Mix Asphalt Plant is very different with batch asphalt mixing plant. It produce the asphalt mixture in the drum which also dry the aggregate continuously.

 Asphalt drum mix plant is one type of asphalt plant that produces hot mix asphalt in a continuous process. Continuous asphalt mixing plant is low on running cost, maintenance and high on production. With strong agitation performance and quick installation, it is suitable for projects such as highways that require mobile work.

New Design Single Semi Trailer Asphalt Plant

Sinoroader offer drum mix asphalt plant for sale in the capacities of 40 tph to 120 tph. These plants are ideal for those contractors who want to go for high volumes of asphalt production without frequently shifting from one place to another. We offer full package to road contractors for complete peace of mind and we want them to concentrate on their core business without worrying about the equipment. 

Reasons to Buy Sinoroader Asphalt Plant:
1.This equipment includes a special two-pump asphalt mater for high precision and accuracy.
2.It features the largest knock-out box in this class, returning more fines to your mix.
3.An internal auger in the knock-out box continually feeds captured fines to the mix.
4.The drag conveyor features an integral hopper that serves as a surge bin for loadout.

5.Heavy-duty flights inside the drum properly veil aggregate through the burner flame.
6.Counter flow mixer is better for fuel saving and also offers better HMA compared to parallel flow mixer.
7.Plant controls are centralized on a control panel located in the control house.




Sinoroader | Aggregate batching system
Aggregate batching system main includes: batch hopper, feeding belt, collecting belt, vibrating screen and belt conveyor. There are 4 batch hoppers carrying aggregates with different specifications to meet the gradation requirements of asphalt mixture. At the lower part of each batch hopper equipped with adjustable belt feeder, which can realize stepless speed regulation. The collecting belt under the hoppers will collect the aggregates and transfer them to the vibrating screen. Particles with diameter >40mm will be screened out, and the rest will be sent to the belt conveyor. Then the belt conveyor will move the aggregates to the drum dryer (drying drum).
Sinoroader | Drying & mixing system
Drying & mixing system consists of drying cylinders, combustion devices, and oil ignition system components, etc. Drying drum contains 4 carrier rollers, 2 rolling rings, 2 blocking wheels, a cylinder and shovel plates. The cylinder was supported by carrier rollers with its rolling rings and driven by the reduction gears stably and evenly. When aggregates get into the drying drum, they will be raised by the shovel plate to the highest point and then poured down, forming a wall where the fire will go through to dehydrate the materials. The cylinder is rolling with inclination of 3.5°to get the aggregates mixed with bitumen and out off the cylinder for elevating in right time.
Sinoroader | Bitumen supply system
The bitumen supply system is composed of bitumen tank, bitumen gear pump, pipes and bitumen spray tube. The gear pump is driven by the adjustable-speed motor and transfer the bitumen from bitumen tank to the drying drum for mixing process.
Sinoroader | Dust Collecting System
The dust collecting system has two collecting levels, cyclone dust filter and water dust collector. The purified air flies up and gets discharged from the chimney, while the dust mud sinks in the sedimentation basin thanks to the gravity.
Sinoroader | Finished product elevator
Finished product elevator has driving device, chains, chain wheels and a hopper. Its main function is to raise the finished product up to the storage silo.
Sinoroader | Finished product silo
Finished product silo is used to temporarily store the asphalt mixture before truck loading. It mainly includes stand columns, storehouse, ladders, etc.
Electrical control system7.Electrical control system
The Electrical control system which adopts centralized control technology, is composed by distribution cabinets, control room and other small auxiliaries. All the electrical components attached to the distribution cabinets are brand products, qualified and durable.


Model D40 D60
Main Parameter Rated Capacity (t/h) 40 60
Installation Power 80kW 120kW
Working Noise (dB) ≤70
Voltage 220V/380V-50Hz (adjustable)
Raw Material Aggregate Size (mm) ≤25
Aggregate Gravity (kg/m3) ≥1600
Aggregate Moisture ≤5%
Cold Feeder Cold Bin (m3) 3X6 4X6.5
Feeding Belt Adjustment Mode Variable Frequency Drive
Weighing System Method Belt Weigher
Accuracy ±1%
Drying System Mixing Type Continuous
Drying & Mixing Drum (mm) Φ1200X6000 Φ1500X6500
Fuel Diesel, Heavy Oil, Fuel Oil, Natural Gas, Coal
Burner consumption Coal 10~13kg/h
Oil 6~7kg/t
Gas 6~7kg/t
Hot Aggregate Temperature ≤160℃
Hot Asphalt Temperature 130~165℃ (±5℃)
Dust Collection System Avail. Type Cylone Collector/Volute Casing Collector, Baghouse Dust Collector/Water Scrubber
Air Emissions ≤100mg/Nm3
Bitumen Supply System Bitumen Tank (m3) 1x30 2x30
Heating Method Electrical Heating/Thermal Oil Heating
Weighing Method Flow Weigher
Weighing Accuracy ±0.5%
Control System Operation Mode Full Auto/Manual
Covering Area L x W (m) 30x16 33x20

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    Q Does the asphalt concrete pavement need to be a cement stabilization base?

    2020-05-26 17:22
    A Yes,it must be.

    Q How long is the drum mix plant delivery time?

    2020-05-13 10:10
    A 30-40 days, according to different configuration. We promise to delivery on time.

    Q What is the delivery time of the drum mix plant?

    2020-04-10 09:45
    A Usually our lead time is 35-50 working days.

    Q I need asphalt drum mix plant 40 tons, please help me

    2020-04-03 10:17
    A Ok, our sales manager has send you the details of 40 tons drum mix asphalt plant, any questions, please feel free to communicate with him!

    Q What's the benefits of cold mix asphalt?

    2020-03-30 10:46
    A Cold mix asphalt is unique because it does not require any heating to become flexible, and because of the additives, the mix stays soft for about six months. This allows it to be stored and readily available to provide asphalt solutions all year long. Cold mix is usable and effective in cold and warm weather, allowing you to quickly address street repairs any time of the year.
Drum Mix Asphalt Plant

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