The automatic asphalt distributor is researched and developed by Sinoroader through years of construction and equipment design experience based on the present road conditions. It is one of the series of asphalt distributing machinery which is easy-operated, economical and practical. It is professional construction equipment specialized in spraying emulsified asphalt, cutback asphalt, hot asphalt, hot modified asphalt and various binder.


On the basis of introduced advanced technologies both domestic and abroad, this distributor add some humanized designs that ensure technical content of construction quality and improve construction conditions and environment. Heat oil pipe is equipped in asphalt pipelines. Heat oil internal heating method guarantees liquid running smooth and prevents asphalt from coke burning. In the process of manual spray, the rotation indicator reads asphalt pump rotation speed. The operator could calculate the corresponding vehicle speed and asphalt rotation speed to different spray volume according to our specified formula, so as to guarantee uniform spray volume. In the process of automatic spray, the operator just set spray volume in the console and start velocity meter, and then the automatic control system could regulate asphalt pump rotation speed according to the vehicle speed, so as to guarantee precise and even spray. Its reasonable designs guarantee the asphalt spray uniformity. This product gets through the strict detection of our operators and enjoys stable and reliable construction performance, and is known as ideal economical road maintenance equipment.

It could be used to deal with upper and lower seal layer, prime layer, asphalt surfacing, asphalt penetration surface, fog seal layer and so on. It also could be used to transport liquid asphalt and other heavy oil.



Components and Structures

Key components, such as auxiliary engine, hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, asphalt pump, HTF pump, burner, air control angle seat valve, cylinder and other parts, are all international and domestic famous brands. Optimized design of each part makes sure reliable performance and prolonged the serving life. Asphalt distributor mainly contains chassis, power unit, media storage device, airflow path system, water sprinkling system, hydraulic driving system, control system, spray system, heating system and other parts.

Working principle

The operating principle of asphalt distributor is to pump the hot asphalt from asphalt storage pool into asphalt tank through asphalt pump; Transport it to construction site and heats the asphalt up to working temperature by heating system; Open asphalt pump and spraying valve by operating electrical apparatus control system; According to three overlapping spraying effect to spray the hot asphalt on pavement on the basis of measured distributing amount and pressure. The residual asphalt in pipeline will be transported into asphalt tank after finishing the work.



1.It adopts Euro V HOWO chassis, which has advantages of large bearing capacity, high power, low fuel consumption and emission, easy operation and reliable breaking

2.Equipped with 26KW auxiliary engine, to realize the heating when walking, shorten work time , improve the work efficiency.

3.It adopted fully automated control, high degree of automation, automatic control asphalt spray width, can accurately calculate the spray volume when working;

4. It adopts special asphalt valve group structure, high degree of automation, reduces labor intensity.

5. This equipment reduces the construction labor intensity, budgets and human resources, improves the work efficiency and work quality.

6.Good anticorrosive and durable insulation layer makes sure the temperature drop no more than 12℃/8h (Under normal temperature ).

7.The tank adopts imported diesel burner, high combustion efficiency and high heating efficiency, automatic ignition and automatic temperature control system, operation security and stability.

8.It can spray hot (modified) asphalt, diluted asphalt, emulsified asphalt, etc.

9.Spray bar can be folded and the height can be adjusted.

10.It adopts high processing precision of nozzle, to realize each nozzle spray consistency and efficiency.

11.Asphalt pump adopts domestic brand internal gearing pump,high output ,stable flow rate, good seal performance and compacted structure.

12.Humanized design of control system could not only control remotely, but also operate on site, which makes the operation more convenient

13.It is perfect combination by electrical control and hydraulic system, to realize the zero initial spray

14.With much engineering construction experience, we improve the equipment to make it more reliable in performance and more convenient in operation and maintenance.


We provide variety of asphalt distributor trucks with different asphalt tank volume and spray width. They all adopt world-renowned brand components and own proprietary technology, The practice has proven that the machine has steady and reliable performance.

Product Name Asphalt Distributor Asphalt Distributor Asphalt Distributor
Product Model SRAD-13 SRAD-8 SRAD-6
Auxiliary Engine Power / 26kW/35hp 26kW/35hp
Tank Volume  13000L 8000L 6000L
Spray Width 6000mm 6000mm 6000mm
Spray Volume  0.2-3kg/m2  0.2-3kg/m2  0.2-3kg/m2
Spray Media Hot asphalt, Emulsified asphalt,Modified asphalt
Asphalt Heat-up Speed ≥12°/h ≥12°/h ≥12°/h
Total Weight 25000kg 16000kg 12490kg
Dimensions 10740x2496x3820mm 8970x2496x3350mm 8970x2496x3135mm

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    Q Can the heat pipe of the asphalt spray truck be damaged by welding?

    2020-06-02 17:18
    A Hi,As the oil pipe of the asphalt spreader is divided into several layers, the heat conduction oil pipe cannot be repaired by welding

    Q What is the maximum spray width of this asphalt sprayer and volume ?

    2020-06-02 15:30
    A Good day,Asphalt Tank Volume: 4,000L ~ 12,000L Spray Width: 4,500mm ~ 6,000mm

    Q Yes a have a quest

    2020-05-30 21:14
    A Good day,what's size of tank volume do you need ?

    Q What payment terms are available for your company?

    2020-03-16 13:18
    A T/T (Telegraphic Transfer), L/C(Letter of credit), BG (bank guarantee), D/P(Documents against Payment), D/A((Documents against Acceptance), Western Union and other.

    Q Whats the Safe operation of asphalt sprayer truck?

    2020-03-10 10:05
    A 1. Check whether the machinery, spraying device, protection and fire prevention equipment are complete and effective. 2. It is strictly forbidden to use fuel other than the prescribed fuel as the fuel for the heating system. Fuel is not allowed to overflow the tank. Generally, the oil level should be 20-30cm below the top of the overflow pipe. 3. When using a fixed torch to heat the fire tube of the asphalt box, the chimney opening on the asphalt box should be opened first, and the liquid torch can be ignited after the fire tube is flooded. 4. If the flame of the heating torch is too large or the diffusion spreads, the torch should be turned off immediately and used after the excess fuel is burned out. 5. When the oil suction pipe and the inlet are not closed, and in the case of hot asphalt, the torch must not be used. When the portable torch is ignited, do not approach flammable materials. 6. During the oil suction operation, the parking position should be selected, the vehicle body should be parked smoothly, the outlet valves should be in the closed position, and the oil inlet should be slowly drained to the oil pan. When the buoy pointer reaches its maximum volume. Stop suctioning or oil draining in time to prevent asphalt spillage. 7. Spreading trucks loaded with asphalt should drive at medium speed. In case of curves or downhills, decelerate in advance to avoid emergency braking. Never use a heating system while driving. 8. The driver and the operator on the aircraft should cooperate closely, and the operator should pay attention to their own safety. During operation, no one should stay within 10m of the direction of spraying asphalt. 9. During spraying operation, the sprayer should advance in the direction indicated by the guide line, and adjust the corresponding speed according to the requirements of the spraying operation, proceed smoothly, and do not arbitrarily swing and turn the steering wheel arbitrarily. 10. When the sprinkler operation is stopped, the operator on the machine should immediately raise the sprinkler pipe so that the nozzle slot is turned upward. At the same time, the driver is notified with an electric bell, the power transmission box is put into gear, and the asphalt pump is reversed so The residual asphalt in the pipeline is sucked back into the asphalt tank.
Asphalt Distributor Truck

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